It has been an amazing four years. I have so much to share and plan to write one day on my experience and give advice on how to navigate the politics of Deaf Education system.

I look forward to contributing my valuable knowledge to the next organization. My heart is to the students, staff, and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

There is no greater love and joy in doing what you do best, empowering others to inspire and achieve.

Office of the Superintendent at New York School for the Deaf — Fanwood.

April 6, 2021

Dear Fanwood Family,

I have had the tremendous privilege to work at New York School for the Deaf — Fanwood as your Superintendent for the past four years. This school has grown with the support of the Board of Trustees, amazing educators, and dedicated parents, who are all invested in a strong and equitable education for all deaf and hard of hearing children. I am proud of my work at Fanwood, increasing the equitable and diverse opportunities for our students and educators. When I think about the tremendous challenges we all faced in the past two years…

Happy Valentine’s

I have to admit that this is my third year of being single. The journey throughout those 3 years have been quite an experience. I have learned the value of self-love and self-care. I have also come to learn that it is important to live your life to the fullest and to enjoy the best thing that life has to offer. After all, this is the life we have and we live it once. There is no going back, no redo.

As I woke up this morning to make green tea. I walked over to the two most…

If being in several relationships, 13 years of marriage ending in a divorce, and working on self-care has taught me anything about having a partner or a companion is that communication and being open to each other is so important to the idea of trust.

Trust is the cornerstone of everything.

I do not need to tell you what it takes to build trust and it all begins with you and your partner. Every person has different experiences, traumas they have experienced in their life, and different viewpoints when it comes to love and relationship. …

Yesterday, I happen to come across this lyric when I was on my way to CrossFit Result to do my daily workout. This song came up and as I read the lyric and realized that it was exactly how I feel at that moment. Currently, I am still single and just seeing what is out there.

This lyric is basically saying…even though, you don’t recognize me now and I know that one day…my future will come in the picture and will love me for who I am. I will give my all.

Billy Eilish — My Future

I can’t seem…

I want to share my thoughts on what it means for me to tell someone “Good Morning” and “Good Night”. It is important to note that it may mean something different to someone else. For me to take the time to say those magical words has a significant meaning. As the saying goes, it is the thought that counts.

Over the years, my experience in relationships have taken a more intrinsic approach when it comes to showing affection and love, as well as giving my undivided attention. It goes even further, it also enhance the mood for this special person…

Almost 24 years ago, I wrote a poem sharing my feeling of being in love and breaking up for the first time. This prompted me to write a poem called, “Thorns of a Rose ”. I wrote this poem to myself as a cautionary tale to remind myself that never again would I experience love and tragedy. The rose and thorns are inseparable as they are intimately connected. The rose represent love and the thorns represent the journey of conflict, struggle, misunderstanding, pain, and loss. There is no greater love than the experience of trying.

At a young age, I…

As I was cleaning out the garage behind the house where I would store my stuff from the previous life (marriage). It was my plan to convert the garage into a private gym equipped with all of the Rogue fitness equipments, including the gymnastic wood ring. I came upon this cute little wings that was stored in box.

Here is the wing that I found.

My heart sank and this was the wing that my little girl would wear when she would play around the house or go outside. I remember those moments like it was yesterday. I could remember…

In the last few days, I have contemplated on whether I should start publishing short stories, poems, satire, and among other things. I have been told from time to time that I have an amazing writing skills whether it be creative writing or just simply sharing my thoughts and feelings. I figured, why not share with the world one of my hidden and unique talent which is writing. It would be a terrible thing to let this beautiful mind go to waste.

In order to get a head start, I put up a post on Instagram asking this question, “What…

Bradley Porche

Me, Myself, and Moi

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